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All the Concert(s) for Bangladesh

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+ click here for recording of Pete Townshend’s recollections today ofGoodbye to Summer- A rock concert in aid of famine relief of Bangla Desh , the Oval cricket ground September 18th, 1971

“The thing about Bangladesh These were our people.

I remember getting very drunk. Because the Faces used to know how to have a good time…In West London, we grew up in a mixed-race place….

…We were honoured to be able to help and I feel the same way now.

 I suppose it’s because if you mention something like that you feel like you’re bragging. I know that we did lots of amazing charitable breakthroughs

 I know the difference between somebody from India and somebody from Bangladesh. (pause) And, also somebody from Pakistan.”

Pete Townshend of The Who, speaking to the Foreign Press Association, at The Sloane Club, London 7th November 2019

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