Advice, research and strategic guidance available on all aspects of Corporate Sustainability, ESG and responsible investment.

Board and governance advisory consulting /Writing/Speaking/Conference Chair and Trustee training.

  • Bespoke seminars for Board/senior staff 
  • Communications advice 
  • ESG activism for shareholders, unions and NGOs
  • Expert drafting and manual writing 
  • Future planing/scenario building
  • Social auditing and stakeholder facilitation
  • Vetting senior staff and strategy

Confidentiality, Independence and Integrity assured

– To find out more , get in touch via Linkedin or gmail alamniaz [at]


By background I am a qualified Solicitor who has worked on ethical investment and corporate sustainability issues since 1992. 

  • Non-executive director on Board of London Pensions Fund Authority 2001-2010.
  • A qualified Solicitor and experienced trustee
  • Independent adviser on responsible investment and shareholder ESG activism.
  • Writer, speaker and trainer.
  • Past management roles include Chief Operating Officer at UKSIF, Deputy Director at Ethical Trading Initiative and Head of Social Issues at EIRIS
  • Hon. Secretary, Foreign Press Association London 2018 and 2019.

I prioritise my time around being a family carer and am open to new projects/portfolio roles on a part time basis. Thank you for reading, do feel free to get in touch, Niaz Alam

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